Lil Frosh denies beating girlfriend Give Proves (Video)

Upcoming Nigerian singer, Lil Frosh denied allegations of him beating his girlfriend, Gift Camille, popularly known as Cute Geminme.


Some weeks ago, Geminme shared photos of her swollen face and alleged that her boyfriend (Lil Frosh) beat her up and left bruises on her body.


Gift Camille

Lil Frosh, in an interview today, however debunked the allegation, saying he loves her so much and he cannot lay his fingers on her.


According to him, she had boil at the back of her ear, and it was increasing by the day. He said the swelling on her face was also due to allergic reaction.

Watch the video below!


“I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it! She’s my girlfriend. She called me that she noticed that she was having a boil at the back of her ear. She said maybe it is an allergic reaction. She called me days later and said that thing is getting worse and I said what? She said the boil…she was sending me the photos day by day…it happened for seven days,” he said.

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