LG’s first rollable phone makes a surprise appearance at CES 2021

At its virtual CES 2021 press conference today, LG teased its upcoming rollable phone, which is part of its “Explorer Project.” While the company hasn’t revealed any details, it has confirmed that the device will be called the LG Rollable when it eventually arrives. The LG Rollable was first teased in September last year, when LG announced its first “Project Explorer” phone, the Wing.

Thanks to its “unique resizable screen,” the LG Rollable can easily be transformed from a traditional phone to a mini tablet. Unfortunately, however, there is no word yet on the size of the phone’s rollable display. What is also unclear, at this point, is when the Rollable will be launched.

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While rumors suggest LG is going to be the first company to launch a rollable phone, a few other Android OEMs are already working on phones with rollable screens. OPPO showcased its “OPPO X 2021” rollable concept phone in November last year, boasting a tablet-like 7.4-inch display size. TCL had also showed off its rollable concept phone last year, although it hasn’t confirmed plans of commercializing the technology yet.

As per a report published by Korean publication ETNews last month, the LG Rollable will debut sometime in March this year. The report also claimed that the phone features a 6.8-inch screen, which can be expanded to 7.4-inches.

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