Ladies, Do These 5 Things If You Want To Fix Your Fallen Blossom(see details)

Natural ways to treat female Balloon from sagging

1. Exercise

To prevent Sagging, exercising regularly is important. You should do exercises targeting increase in lady’s front from tissues and pectoral muscles around it which enhance firmness. Chest press and pull, arm raises, round about push ups and dumbbell flyes are the exercises to be performed daily. Consider wearing a sports bra while doing the exercises.

2. Ice Massage

The cold temperature of the ice cubes reduces the loosening of the tissues and hence contracts it which is the core for firming of the balloon . The exercise procedure is as below:

For only a minute massage 2 ice cubes in circular motion.

After massage, dry the lady’s front with soft towel and wear a bra which fits properly

For the next 30 minutes stay in a reclining position

Perform this at regular intervals every day.

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil is known for its rich source of antioxidants and fatty acids and hence it is an excellent technique to firm the lady’s front. It has the ability to reverse damages caused by free radicals and to improve the tone and texture of skin. Here is how to do it:

To generate heat rub some olive oil between your palms

Now rub your palms on your breasts upwards

In order to increase blood flow and stimulate cell repair give a gentle massage for 15 minutes

This should be done 4–5 times in a week. Instead of olive oil you can chose using almond, avocado, argan or jojoba oil.

4. Cucumber and Egg Yolk

A mask made from cucumber and egg yolk is a natural skin toner since egg yolk is rich in proteins and vitamins which treat sagging of breasts. Here is how to make the mask:

In a blend make cucumber puree out of 1 small cucumber

To this mix 1 egg yolk along with 1 tsp butter and make a paste

Spread this over your breasts and let it be there for about half an hour

Rinse off with cold water

You should do this once a week in order to strengthen the breast tissues and achieve firmness.

5. Egg white

Egg white is known for astringency and skin nourishing property. The hydro lipids helps lift the loose skin around the breasts. Here is how you prepare egg white for sagging breasts:

Take 1 egg and beat it to get a foamy texture. Spread this on your best and let it be there for half an hour. Wash off with cucumber juice or onion juice first and then with cold water.

You can also prepare a mask by mixing 1 tbsp each of plain yogurt and honey with 1 egg white. Spread the mixture on your breast and rest for 20 minutes. Wash with cold water.

Either of these two procedures can be used once a week to get firm breasts.

6. Fenugreek

One of the popular ingredients in Ayurveda, fenugreek is known to firm sagging breasts since it has vitamins and antioxidants need to overcome free radical damage. It tightens and smooths the skin around the breast. Here is how to use fenugreek for sagging breasts:

Take 1/4 cup fenugreek powder with sufficient water and make a thick paste. Apply this on your breast and let it be there for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash with warm water. This remedy should be followed once or twice a week

A mask can be prepared by mixing 1/2 cup yogurt, 10 drops each of fenugreek oil and Vitamin E oil along with 1 egg white into a smooth paste which should be rubbed on to the breasts gently. After half an hour wash with cold water. This mask should be used once a week.

The above remedies can help treat breast sagging naturally as well as prevent breast sagging naturally

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