Just in: Anambra State Governor Postpones Schools Resumption By Two Weeks Due To COVID-19 Second Wave

Following the upsurge of coronavirus pandemic in Anambra State, Governor Willie Obiano has announced the postponement of resumption of schools in the state by two weeks.

In a statewide broadcast, Governor Obiano said the decision became necessary because the second wave of the pandemic had become more deadly.


The governor also directed churches to form action committees that would control the habits of the people as was done during the first phase of the pandemic.


He said:-

“This second threat is not only real but even more deadly.

It is more deadly because after struggling with the pandemic for nine months, we have dropped our level of vigilance and returned to our normal lives, but the virus has not gone away.

“On the contrary, it has come back with renewed viciousness and it is claiming many lives because our people are not complying with the Covid-19 protocols.

“Our index case of Covid-19 was reported on April 9, 2021, and wee were fully prepared to deal with that emergency. We had erected some of the best Protective Care Centers in Nigeria and our healthcare workers were sufficiently prepared to handle the challenge.


“We managed the pandemic so well that in November last year, Anambra was rated as one of the states with the lowest number of positive results in Nigeria.

“As at December 7, 2020, we had conducted 90,000 tests and only 287 were confirmed positive. As at that date too, Anambra had no new cases of Covid-19.

“We had no patients in our Protective Care Centers and none on home treatment. “Anambra was beginning to breathe freely again.

“We were all enjoying the fruits of our collective efforts – the leaders of the church, traditional rulers, market leaders, school administrators and the public had made great efforts to obey the standard Covid-19 protocols. “We were doing just fine until the second wave of the pandemic crept in. “This second wave of Covid-19 did not take us by surprise.

We have been monitoring global trends on the pandemic and we saw it coming.

“We anticipated that the second wave would hit us hard because of our well-known culture of mass return during the Christmas and New Year season. “So, we made efforts to prepare our people to mitigate the impending challenge.

We held wide consultations and town hall meetings with the Igwes, the religious leaders, civil society organizations, leaders of the market task force, transport operators and leaders of various community groups and associations. “During these meetings, we emphasized the need to revive all the structures that helped us survive the first wave of the pandemic.

“Sadly, it appears that our warnings fell on deaf ears. Our people allowed themselves to be carried away by the joys of the Yuletide Season and failed to maintain the Covid-19 protocols. “Today, we are faced with a clear and present danger. Between December 7, 2020, and January 11, 2021, we have recorded 110 new cases of Covid-19 in Anambra State.

This is not good at all. “We must do everything within our power to halt the spread. That is why we have revved up our testing capacity and brought the total number of tests done to 13, 412 tests so far.”


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