It is not a Coronavirus but a 5G spectrum radiation affecting people all over the globe

The corona virus has been a threat to the world’s health. For more than a year, the deadly disease has cause death, loose of income and permanent damages to the victims. There are many theories and myths that have been circulating around the world about its origin. Italy is the first country in the entire world to carry out a postmortem on a covid-19 dead body. The study from the body showed that the disease does not exist as a virus but a very large one.

The report shows that people have been affected by the amplified global fifth generation electromagnetic radiation. The study which was against the WHO guidelines on the disposal of the covid-19 dead body was carried out in order to make studies on some scientific discoveries.

Though the virus like bacterium is said to cause blood clotting in the veins of the infected people. The bacterium is said to be cured through anti-inflammatory and aspirins. This has indicated that the cure of the disease is possible to develop. The bacterium which is said to be deadly when exposed to the 5G radiations which operates at a frequency of 3.3-3.8 GHz of range. The frequency has been taken as a threat to the people who have low immunity.


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