If your Brother Swallows Poison, Do these 3 Things Before Consulting a Doctor

Poisoning is injury due to inhaling, touching, swallowing or injecting various drugs, chemicals, gases and venom. Many substances such as carbon monoxide or drugs are poisonous in higher dosages or concentration.

Food poisoning in general is when a person eats or drinks foods contaminated with bacteria or viruses. Food poisoning is very bad and if not treated well can lead to the death of the victim. Sometimes the symptoms may occur immediately or after a day of eating the contaminated food.

When someone eats a contaminated food, there are various symptoms a person must possess, some of these symptoms are

1. Nauseal and vomiting

2. Diarrhoea

3. Cramping abdominal pains

4. Headache or fever

5. Impaired consciousness

If you notice these signs, do these 3 things before consulting a doctor

* Buy a bottle of 7up or Sprite, pour it in a glass of cup, add a tea spoon of salt, drink it to replace the fluid you are losing.

* If 7up or Sprite is not available, use 5 cubes of sugar and add a level tea spoon of salt to replace the list electrolyte in your body. This is necessary before you consult a doctor or seek medications. Common medications for this can be found in the pharmacy.

* Get adequate rest.

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