If you want to live long, stop doing these ten (10) things immediately.

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We all know that long life is what mostly everybody prayed for but there are some things we need to avoid doing if we really want to live long.

If you can avoid these ten things itemized below, then long life is certain. Not only long life certainty, but healthy life is also assured.

Below are the ten most dangerous things we need to avoid in other to increase our life’s span.

See the list of the ten things you should avoid doing to live long.

1) Drinking fewer than two litres of water everyday:

Expert recommend that drinking two litres of water approximately eight cups of water everyday helps to keep us hydrated and increase life’s span. Therefore do not drink less than two litres of water everyday in other to keep your body healthy and live a long life.

2) Avoid staying in the sun for too long:

If you really want to live long, then avoid staying in the sun for too long because staying in the sun for too long increase your risk of cancer while not getting enough is also bad for your health. This is why expert recommend that we should spend 10 to 15 minutes in the sun daily in other to boost our vitamin D intake.

3) Sleeping less than 6 hours every night:

Sleeping less than six hours every night could put you at a risk of handful unwanted health issues. In other to avoid this, health expert now recommend that we get at least six hours sleep every night in order to keep us healthy thereby increase our life’s span.

4) Drinking more than 2 glasses of wine a day:

Avoid drinking more than two glasses of wine a day in order to avoid putting your health at a great risk of danger which could be responsible for a decrease in long life. Therefore in other to live long, make sure you limit your alcohol or wine intake to two glasses a day for your health safety.

5) Avoid eating too much doughnuts:

Eating too much sugar isn’t a good idea because too much sugar could actually kill. This is the reason why you should avoid eating too much sugary foods like doughnut, potato chips and the likes. If need to be taken, the above-mentioned food should be taken in a moderate amount to avoid building up of sugar in the body.

6) Sitting for more than 2 hours at a time:

Are you the type that loves sitting down for more than two hours at a time, if yes, then this information is for you. Sitting for more than two hours is bad for your heart and muscles. Make sure you walk around for at least 10 or 15 minutes for every one hour.

7) Watching TV for more than 2 hours a day:

Watching TV for more than two hours a day is also dangerous as it can increase your disease risk. Therefore avoid watching TV for more than two hours a day in other to live long and avoid health related challenge that may shorten your life’s span.

8) Eating more calories than you burn:

Eating more calories than you burn have the potential of leading to an early death. Therefore avoid over

eating and make sure you exercise regularly to burn more calories in other to remain healthy.

9) Avoid smoking cigarette:

Cigarette aren’t just damaging your lungs, but they also increase your chances of dying from a heart disease. Therefore avoid smoking in other to increase your life’s span and avoid the risk of sudden death.

10) Not eating enough fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables have enough antioxidant to help stay healthy especially as you grow older. Fruits helps to make the body stay healthy thereby increase life’s span.

Make sure you avoid doing all the ten things itemized above so you can live long. It may really not be easy but you have to avoid these for your health safety.

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