If You Are Still Doing Any Of These In Your Dream, Act Fast Before It’s Too Late

To dream big is what everyone wants in life and to see it come to reality is another thing itself. Life is all about dreaming but when you have the wrong dream, you know that there is something bad ahead. Not every bad dream means something but those one that keep tormenting you is actually the ones that means something.

If you are still doing any of these things listed below, you must act fast before its too late.

1. Having sex in your dream

If you still have sex in your dreams thinking that the person that you are visualizing his or her face in your dream is real, but guess what; it’s a demon. Demons normally uses people that you ought to like or people you fancy to get you in your dreams. So here are procedures and what to do so that the demon will never come back.

Any time you want to sleep make sure you pray and cover yourself and body with the blood of Jesus, do this for before bedtime everyday and you will see that the demon will leave you alone.

2. Urinating in your dream

Whenever you see yourself urinating in your dream, don’t think twice about it because it’s real and the only way to get out of it is to urinate before bedtime and drink less water at night.

3. Eating in your dream

The devil uses food that you wanted or needed to eat at that moment but because of money you didn’t eat that food, so he will use that to trap you.

After praying every night to bed and this didn’t stop, please see a pastor immediately, don’t forget to share and also follow us for more information.

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