“I Would Sacrifice My Parents To A Cult In Exchange Of For Wealth” – Kenyan Teen

A Kenyan Teen who has kept his identity to be annoymous has shocked alot with his confession.He is from a family of four with him being a second born.

He Narrates that his parents are selfish that they keep all the foodstuffs in the master bedroom.When he was high school level, he starved severally resulting him to fail in his exams.

His big brother decided to move out to his friends place due to the harsh living conditions.He managed to hustle and went to a driving school.

He says that his twin sister had a child recently and the parents said they will take care of the child needs if she dies this.She was required to stay at the house and do all the chores.Suprisingly, as he narrates is that they have never provide anything to his sisterd the baby.

He says that,the neighborhood they are living,they never talk to anyone because they are known of their bad behavior.He claims that last year they had a wedding in their upcountry place and the kids were never invited.Tge did the wedding because his dad had to join a bible college and one of the requirements was a marriage certificate.

He says that the time they were doing the wedding, his sister was in the hospital delivering and he had to take the responsibility of taking care of him.

He says that he has never Witnessed parents who are treating their on kids that way.This is why he says that if he ever gets a chance he will sacrifice his parents to any cult.

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