“I survived a plane crash that killed over 70 passengers”, survivor reveals, plus four safety tips.

The fright for air travel has greatly increased over time due to how catastrophic plane crashes happen to be. Although the experience can be quit overwhelming, plane crash survival rate still stands at 95 percent and there are still things you could do that gives you an extra 0.7 percent edge on your survival.

A passenger who has survived one of these fatal disasters has chosen to tell his story on the small action he took that saved his life.

Erwin Tumiri, a flight engineer, is one of such passengers. Erwin happens to be one of the six passengers who survived the LaMia Flight 2933 in 2016 that crashed in the Columbia mountains. The crashed killed 71 people on board leaving Erwin and the rest of the survival crew in shock.

He explained how curling into a childlike position with luggage between his legs saved his life. Erwin tells Fox Sports at the time that he put the bags in between his legs to form the childlike position (the form a baby takes in the womb) which was highly recommended in cases of accidents.

He acknowledges this for saving his life saying that several other passengers, just before the crash, stood up from their seats and began to scream.

First responders pulled out Erwin and his friends from the wreckage, completely stunned as they were all rushed for medical diagnoses and treatment.

Although the childlike position may have saved his life there are a few other ways you could apply to greatly increase your chances if you’re a big-time air traveler. With one being;

1. Dress Appropriately

It’s professionally recommended you wear tight-fitting clothes when flying, because in a case of crash or accident loose or slack clothing are most likely to be caught on edges and slow you down. In addition, long sleeves and jeans could mean the difference between having skin burn from small explosions and staying burn free.

2. Pay attention to the safety briefing

Most of us that fly often barely pay attention to the safety briefing, I myself is guilty as charged. A good number of crash survivor claimed they paid attention to at least 50% of the safety presentation and that’s what drew the line between life and death for them. So, you don’t necessarily have to hear everything just pay attention to as much as you can.

3. Stay attached to something

It’s mostly advisable to always have the seat belt strapped on regardless of the situation of resonating crisis on board. So, in a case the plane breaks open mid-air and you free fall you stand a chance of survival greater than zero. In 1972 a flight attendant by name Vesna Vulovic fell 33,000 feet after her plane blew up mid-air. She crashed into a snowy incline brutally wounded but still alive. So, stay strapped in.

4. Choose a central seat in the back

The rear end of the plane is widely known to be the safest place in the plane because it receives minimum on cases of accidents. It’s observed that the seat in the back third have a 68% survival rate compared to 61% in the middle and 62% in the front. To narrow your chances, the middle seats in the back have the best survival odds. So, stay sharp.

These safety tip listed should be enough to increase your chances from  to 95 and hopefully would become helpful if you find yourself in a crash crisis.

It’s not a 100 percent assurance because the only 100 percent is God/Allah. So, pray and hopefully you’ll only hear stories but never be a victim.

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