I Stopped Eating Okra The Moment I Got To Know About This

I Stopped Eating Okra The Moment I Got To Know About This

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Some of the major things we enjoy taking have proven overtime to be a source of danger to us all.

Quite a good number of persons enjoy eating Okra, but one of the Major things we have failed to realise is that, this Okra, causes a lot of harm to our body as much as good.

Okra is quite known for its nutritional and medicinal values, but also may be injurious to the sperm volume of a man. Okra is known to possess “gossypol”, a compound that is found in the seeds of okra seeds.

Gossypol is known to act as a stopping block to enzymes that helps in the production of sperm in the body and by this, causes infertility in men.

Although, it does not significantly affect a normal person, it is a very delicate factor, as it is used in some areas as a male contraceptive.

In addition, Gossypol is known to cause muscle weakness and fatigue and it is the major reasons why people who involve themselves in athletic activities are advised to stay clear from excess consumption of Okra.

To cut things short, regular intake of Okra is not advisable to people under this category

• Men suffering from infertility

• Athletes who competes at high level competitions

•Women who are known to complain of irregular menstrual flow.

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