I Need 3million Naira To Do My Introduction, Engagement And Wedding This Year – Man

There are categories of different personalities that we wouldn’t know existed if it wasn’t for social media especially on Twitter.


Twitter is one of my primary place of finding interesting things to read. After a long day of stress, i take my phone and enter into the world of funny and relatable posts. If humour exists on a spectrum, then Twitter is the best place to get them.

Since Twitter’s launch in 2006, and its global acceptance most users are seen posting their thoughts, observations, sharing articles, videos, or participating in endlessly aggravating fights.

On the other hand, Other people have found a way to make their Twitter media accounts their main source of income. They’ve created online shops and sell all kinds of stuff such as clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes and the likes. Others have branded themselves so well with their huge following that, you pay them to advertise stuff for you for a fee.

Over recent years, Twitter has evolved into a viral meme factory over recent years. It’s somewhat surprising that some people still puts themselves out there for public ridicule.

A young man who goes by the name Ayodele Temitope Damilare, took to his Twitter handle to seek for marital helpers who can support his target of 3million naira to make his marital dream a reality this year.

According to him the 3million is to be used to cover his expenses for his introduction, engagement and wedding.

He went further to tag celebrities and influencers to come to his financial aid.


See screen shot below :

Pls help me retweet till it gets to Anon and my marital helpers..

I need 3million naira to do my introduction, engagement, wedding ceremony this year 2021..


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