How to preserve your beans ans prevent from invasion of insects

How to preserve your beans ans prevent from invasion of insects.

You have been reluctant to buy plenty of beans in the house because you are afraid of it’s storage and the invasion of insect called weevil.


I bring you good news because am going to teach you how to preserve your beans for a long time and weevil won’t attack it.




The two (3) ways you can preserve your beans are as follows:




1: When you buy the beans from the market also buy a very hot dry pepper (not grinded), and a gallon or an air tight container if you don’t have one. Immediately you come back from the market pour all the beans inside the gallon or the air tight container together with the dry pepper and cover it tightly, weevil will not visit your beans for a long time. You can also dust the beans before finally pouring inside the tight container if you can, but if not, it’s still very safe.


2: You can also preserve your beans by pouring it in an air tight container and put it inside freezer, don’t worry because the beans is not going to get blocked or frozen, it will be as it is and you can use it anytime you want to. But be rest assured that insects will not attack your beans.


3: Another approach is to use a substance called diatomaceous earth formulation which is also known as inert dust. DE branded products are safe, non-toxic products marketed in dust formulation whose effectiveness to kill insects is through its physical contact. To use, the DE dust is mixed with the beans of safe moisture content before and then bagged in a polypropylene woven bag and sealed. DEs protect grains for up to 12 months, are safe, can be eaten at any time, easy to handle and can be safely applied to all other level of stakeholders.



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