How to prepare stew for boys

How to prepare stew for boys.

Good day everyone here today am going to be teaching we guys how to prepare delicious stew that every girl will lobe you after tasting


Firstly… Let me list everything you will need to prepare a stew

1. Oil (groundnut oil)






7. Meat or fish anyone will but I prefare fish


Then you first of all get a clean pot 🍳 rinse the pot put it on top of your gas or any cooking machine den allow the pot ontop for like 4mins den pour your disaired quantity of oil inside allow the oil for like another 4mins den put in your sliced onion stare together with the oil for about 2min den pour your tomatoes sauce inside den continue string till your disarmed duration

Maybe 30min add the cooked meat or fish anyone will serve stare together for 2min den pour what u got from the boil meat or fish inside make sure u stare to avoid what I dont know

Den add your Maggie to your estimeed taste make sure its not over

Den a little salt

Close the pot for the whole stuff to conjoin

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