How to differentiate HIV rash from other types of rashes [Photos]

One of the ways through which HIV presents itself in an individual after infecti on is through a rash. This rash develops about 2-3 weeks after infection with the virus and only affect certain body parts. Being able to recognize this rash might help you to seek early medical intervention.

How does the rash look like?

The doctors technically refer to the rash as a maculopapular rash. This means that it is a rash characterized by raised skin areas which are redish and itchy most of the times. The rash may also be fluid filled in some people.

Where does the rash appear in the body?

HIV rash on the palms of a patient

The rash normally appear on upper body parts commonly on the chest and the back of an individual. It can also appear on your face or the palm of your hands. Note, syphilis also causes these types of rashes on palm.

How long does the rash persist?

The rash appears about 3 weeks after infection and can persist for about 2 weeks to one month before disappearing. It is important to note that this rash does not respond to any forms of medication. If you suspect you have been exposed to the virus, it is good to get tested and begin ARV medication.

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