How To Clean Your Kidney And Stay Healthy


How To Clean Your Kidney And Stay Healthy

Kidney failure has sent many to their grave untimely. Timely information can help us on how to take care of this important organ, Am going to be sharing with you how you can clean your system in a very simple way.

What you need is Garden egg leaves.



1. Cut the leaves into pieces.

2. Rinse in clean water.

3. Put in a clean pot with clean water.

4. Boil it for 10mins.

5. Filter it in a bottle.

Allow to cool and take a glass cup. When you urinate check your urine. You will notice the salt in the body and some other diseases that can affect your KIDNEY will pass through your urine. Save a soul by sharing with loved ones.

Check you will see the colour of your urine.

Remember prevention is always cheaper than cure.

Dont wait till you get a bad news, do it now.

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