How masturbation affects you and how to stop it

How masturbation affects you and how to stop it

Is masturbation good or bad for our health?

If you think there’s no big deal in masturbation or you don’t think is bad for your health, then, tell me is drug abuse good for your health?

Scientific research has shown that a strong regular Kerion poses the kind if chemical changes as masturbation does, so for this reason some scientists compare it with heroin addiction (drug abuse). If anyone become addicted to masturbation he needs a strong willpower to come out from it because the reward for this addiction is very strong.

All body always exuded a hormone called Testosterone which is responsible for creating s3xual urges in our body and it’s also responsible for muscle building, but if you’ll continue out flowing this hormone from your body your muscle building may get affected.

This is the most physical sight effect of excessive masturbation. Let’s go to psychological sight effect, watching excessive porn videos for doing masturbation all time s3x related things will start to come on your mind. For this reason whenever you see a girl s3x thoughts will start to pop up in your mind which I believed is the most embarrassing thing.

After masturbating most times you’ll start regretting like what’s wrong with me? How could I think of such crab things? It’s not necessary to regret for this, it’s happening because all the day you where watching this kind of things and you’re thinking of it.

Instead if you start to think if good things you’ll start noticing that type of things around you. For example a businessman always notice business possibilities in everything, a poet always look for poetic beauty. Actually what we think about all the day we will start to notice those things around us.

At a point in life we all want to reduce addiction on particular thing we’re addicted to because no one want to become a slave to their mind.

So for me to help you get free from this slavery I’m going to share with you from Charles Duhigg book The Power Of Habit. Charles said there are three part in every habit which are:

(i). Trigger, (ii). Routine, (iii). Reward.

Every habit have something that trigger it after that we follow a certain routine then finally it lead to reward.

There are five types of triggers they are as follows:

(i). Time: It maybe day or night.

(ii). Location: When you’re alone in your bedroom.

(iii). Emotion: When you’re depress or bored. (iv). Person: After seeing somebody or after watching a video or after seeing somebody’s picture.

(v). Last action: Lying in bed after having dinner. Among these five triggers anything added is known as habit.

Next is routine. When a habit get triggered we automatically follow our routine for example when your masturbation habit get triggered you open your laptop or mobile phone to watch those kind of videos. When you start to follow your routine chemical changes start in your brain which release dopamine and active reward circuitry then you start to feel pleasure feelings and this feeling serves as a reward for the habit.

You can see that we have no control over trigger and reward because they’re automatic and natural. The thing we can control is routine, we can change our routine a little bit if we want to. According to Charles Duhigg we can never removed strong habit, we can only replace it with another habit and for this replacement we should keep the trigger and reward both same and begin changing our routine.

It means we have to replace the negative habit routine with positive habit routine but it doesn’t mean that you should change your routine within a single day, no change it day by day (gradually).

Now Let’s See How You Can Change Masturbation Habit.
At first you have to identity your routine because everyone got a different routine. Let me explain it with an example; Let’s consider your habit is after taking dinner you come back to your bedroom then you turn off the light and you play those type of videos on your mobile lying on your bed and the rest of the routine you know it well.

So how can you change that routine?

Look there has to be a reason to change something. First you need a reason to change your masturbation habit, you can find it by yourself but if you want me to help I can help you out.

You should start watching educative videos on YouTube that are inspiring, motivating, educating, and influencing maybe it should be base on what your passion is. If you’re a musician you should start watching music videos so as to get video strategies (style) and how others musicians make their moves, if you’re a fashionista start watching beauty and fashion videos.

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