Health benefits of alcohol you are not aware of

Liquor and spirits are hot and harsh when taken, but that doesn't mean they don't have their own health benefits to.

Health benefits of alcohol you are not aware of

Taking alcohol in moderate quantity, have some health benefits to your body. I am not talking about excessive intake of alcohol, as this could be dangerous to your health. You can take alcohol, once in a while with friends for the sake of your well being. We will be looking at types of alcohol, and their health benefits to the human body when taken moderately.

1. Beer

Beer is a source of carbohydrates. A cold beer can help improve a lot in the human body. Beer contains vitamins such as riboflavin, and thiamin. It contains magnesium and calcium. Do you know that darker beers, contains high level of iron that allows oxygen, move round the body easily.

Beer helps to guard the Brain, from brain disease. It contains a substance called xanthohumol, that helps weaken the symptoms of Parkinson disease. Beer contains silicon, that helps make the bones stronger.

2. Wine

A bottle of red wine, is known to perform lots of wonders to the human body. They include the following:

Red wine can help increase the rate of fat burning in the body. The dark red grapes, used in the production of some types of red wine, can help people burn fat.


Red wine contains antioxidants that helps in fighting cold. Red wine is very good for the cleansing of the human heart. It also helps to improve men s*xual performance, when they drink moderately, and also boost women libido too when it comes to s*xual performance.

Red wine boosts the human memory, because of a substance called resveratrol, that can be found in red grapes. It’s also proven that white wine is a better option for weight loss, and it is cheaper.


3. Liquor and spirits

Liquor and spirits are hot and harsh when taken, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own health benefits to.

Vodka can help improve blood circulation, and it helps collateral blood vessels to grow, and also helps them connect the heart, to the lungs.


Tequila can help the body loose weight as it is very hot, and burns fat. Liquor can help relieve sore muscles.

Taking whiskey moderately, can help relieve cold, when the weather is extremely cold. Mixing whiskey and honey with warm water can help out with a sore throat.


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