Haircare tips: Know all about natural supplements, serums, shampoos.

Haircare tips: Know all about natural supplements, serums, shampoos.

Many people are experiencing hair loss leading to an increase in the usage of hair oils, shampoos, serums and supplements. If you too have been experiencing hair fall but have been confused about which products to use, here is a quick guide to help you sail through, said Aayush Narang, sales and marketing head, international business, Rowan Bioceuticals.

Nutritional supplements

Nutritional supplements are prescribed for various reasons by doctors, including for boosting growth, protecting the scalp, providing strength to the roots, and further minimising excessive hair loss. Hair supplements, which contain vitamins and minerals with limited side effects, are the preferred choice as compared to hair treatments. Some of the many ingredients consumed globally as hair supplements include: saw palmetto extract, pumpkin seed extract, vitamin A, biotin, vitamin D, iron, folic acid, niacin (vitamin b3), omega-3 fatty acids, protein and legumes.


It plays a pivotal part in keeping hair clean, healthy, and nourished. A suitable shampoo is advised by hair experts after analysing the clients’ scalp skin type (dry, oily, scaly, etc.), suitable ph level, fragrance, sulphates free content, etc. A shampoo, along with other regimes, helps in achieving the desired results. It also beautifies hair and helps cure various scalp disorders. A shampoo is essentially a combination of various ingredients in the correct proportion according to individual hair types. Hence it is advised to consult a doctor before trying any shampoo.

Hair serums

Serums actively work on the surface level to provide shine to the hair, smoothen it and control tangles, in turn strengthening the hair. Hair serums are specially formulated products with active ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair strands and help control frizz, set hairstyles, and protect the hair from environmental damage. Application of hair serums on freshly washed and wet hair adds extra protection to the hair and saves them from further damage.

Unlike hair serums, hair oils protect the hair from the roots. The role of hair oil is to provide nourishment to the scalp, combat issues like dry hair, and dandruff directly from the root. Like serum and shampoo, hair oil also is prescribed after identifying each customer’s needs. Many experts suggest non-comedogenic hair oil contents like olive oil base for acne-prone skin patients. With no chemicals involved and natural preparations, hair oil is a safe hair care product of choice for many consumers. From infants to the elderly, hair oil has always been suggested for healthy and nourished hair growth.

Know about the variety of hair care products and choosing one according to your scalp skin and hair type can truly make a difference.

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