Grind Tiger Nuts, Coconuts And Dates Then Drink Daily And Gain These Health Benefits.

Many people don’t know that Aphrodisiac comes in many forms, some are used to the inorganic ones in form of drugs tablets which may be harmful sometimes to the body .

Moreover there is a way we humans can benefit from the organic ones which are natural for the body and less harmful and its the blending of coconut, dates and tiger nuts.

Ingredient to prepare the Solution

• Get 1 cup dry dates, make sure its washed and de-cultivated

• Get 3 cups tiger nuts, make sure its washed

• Get 1/4 tablespoon of cinnamon

• Get 1 tablespoon of vanilla quintessence

• Get 8 cups of clean water

• Get 1 ripe coconut, and open it and break into pieces

How to Prepare the Solution

1. Place the tiger nuts in some water, place into a fabric and spread ,then leave it at room temperature for about 24-48 hours until its mellowed.

2. Also place the dates in high temp water to moist a bit.

3. Then add the soaked tiger nuts, water, moist dates and coconut pieces into a blender , make sure you use the pattern as written here and then blend later thoroughly.

4. Keep Mixing it fast with the blender until its smooth.

5. Sieve and separate the milk from the mixture , so as to remove the shaft of the coconut and then press the shaft so as the fluid will come out of the shaft and then dispose the shaft away by the time the milk is drain out completely.

6. Place the vanilla and cinnamon and then add some other flavor of your choice to the mixture.

7.Place it in a refrigerator , so as to make it chill.

Then Server to your self and your friend and enjoy natural Aphrodisiac , it is known to increase drive for intimacy a lot in men and enhances their performance.

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