Girl says she prefers dogs over men || See her reason for this

Last updated on January 8, 2021

Often times people are hurt for a long time by a certain gender that they actually lose interest in it.


This is usually seen more especially in women because whenever a gender based violence story arises, these women tend to go on social media and protest with hashtags that say men are dogs and so forth.


Nonetheless it seems like that hashtag has been changed, this is seen in a post that was shared by a girl on facebook telling the world something so shocking.


The girl bluntly mentioned that she prefers dogs over men and her reason for this seemed clear and straight forward.


She said that her reason for this is because dogs are quick.


She wrote :


“I prefer dogs than men because dogs are quick”


Picture sourced : Facebook


The lady even included a picture of herself alongside with the post and this may prove her sense of braveness and not worrying about what other people might say.


Would you think her reasons are clear for preffering dogs or she was seeking attention?

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