Find out how your phone can get space, Stop buying memory cards

Stop buying memory cards, find out how your phone can get extra memory space.Do you feel that annoying low storage of your phone every time you want to add something to it?

Therefore, in this article, we will give you the information you need to create more space in your phone without installing an external memory card in it.

In the meantime, we’ll give you some information about things that are taking up your phone’s memory without your knowledge.

1. Downloaded WhatsApp Status

Often, these WhatsApp statuses once downloaded will not appear in our gallery, but will go straight to the phone. These downloaded WhatsApp statuses can only be deleted by clicking on file manager or phone storage settings and you will see the pictures.

2. Downloads blocked:

Sometimes poor internet connection or low storage can actually prevent the download. Due to the download obstruction, the small part that was downloaded will directly occupy the space of your phone without your knowledge.

3. WhatsApp videos and images.

Those favorite WhatsApp videos and images actually take up a lot of space in your phone’s memory than you might think. Stop downloading any videos or pictures that you see unless they are very important to you.

4. Screenshots.

Many like screenshots a lot, but it is advisable to always visit your screenshots folder and delete them as they take up space.

5. Keep the songs that you don’t play.

Separately, people always have a song or two left in the playlist that they’ve never played. You are advised to remove such unimportant songs from your playlists as they take up the space of your phone.

6. Apps you don’t use.

Sometimes we fill our phone with too many apps that we don’t use, but leave there for fancy. Please delete the apps you are not using.

If you erase all the junks from your phones, congratulations because your phone is now new brown and has more space without the need for a memory card.

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