Hemorrhoids, what are they?

Hemorrhoids are dilations of the veins located in the submucosa of the anal canal which plays a physiological role in continence by contributing to the closure of the anal opening.
Hemorrhoids can be internal (in the rectum) or external (under the skin in the anus).

Causes of hemorrhoids:

There are multiple factors. However, there are several common causes of this health problem. Indeed, chronic constipation linked to a diet low in fiber can be a starting point.
Obesity and a sedentary life, without regular physical exercises, is also frequently questioned. Heredity and blood circulation problems also come into play.
Pregnancy and childbirth are sometimes times when hemorrhoids appear. People who make violent efforts to push when going to the toilet or, conversely, who consume too many laxatives may also suffer.

Here is our miracle remedy for you to treat your hemorrhoids:


  • A clove of garlic
  • Dried mango leaves
  • Mango bark

Method of preparation and use:

A clove of garlic and dried leaves and husks of mangoes, boil and drink a glass morning and evening.
For the treatment of external, pour the boiled water into a bucket and sit on it.

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