Drinking Rain Water? See What It Does To Your Body

Drinking Rain Water? See What It Does To Your Body

Rain is the falling down of water from the sky, the water that falls is what is known rain water.

The purest form of water is rain water. Compared to other sources of water, rain water is the lowest in mineral content, making it almost what we all would call “pure water.”

Rain water is also free from dust particles, and other chemical waste and contaminants. However, for those who lack the proper facility to gather clean rain water, it is advised to boil and filter rain water before drinking.

The following are the health benefits of drinking rain water:

1)Rain water detoxify your body:

The one most important component of rainwater is alkaline pH, it helps to neutralize your blood, hereby making your blood less acidic and helping you body function better. It also aids healthy digestion and reduce risk of constipation.

2) Rain water helps your body maintain a good level of minerals:

As it has low minerals, it is a good regulator for the minerals contained in your body. Excessive amounts of minerals in the body results into headache, gastritis, and damage of the organs in the body.

3) Rain water help you maintain a youthful skin(look):

As it is water in its natural state, it works better with our body metabolism and promote healthy skin moisture and hair growth.

Everything was created for a good purpose, so does rain and the God given water that comes from with it. So use it well.

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