Don’t Trow Them Away: See How to cure ulcer permanently with unripe plantain peels

Sometimes its funny when some people say they have stomach ulcer.either stomach ulcer,or pelvic ulcer or chest ulcer am telling you now that ulcer is ulcer,and ulcer has different symptoms which comes when is about signing in,in the bodi system.lf u don’t eat very early u will develop ulcer,or you don’t eat on time you are writing a letter to ulcer or too much fasting>that can even result to chronic ulcer, mind,therefore the bodi system is not meant to be suffer but to build d texture in it.

Ingredient that cure Ulcer

i.plantain peels


The peels of the unripe plantain is the best.

>dry the Peel in the sun and ground to powder

>Mix one teaspoon of the powder with 2teaspoons of original honey

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