Don’t Pull That Teeth: Natural Cure For Toothache Problem

If you are experiencing sharp pain within or around your teeth, do not panic. Do not waste your money on painkillers, do not try pulling off the innocent tooth or teeth.

Stubborn worms have infiltrated your teeth and the surrounding gums housing the teeth as a result of bacteria and germs from food leftovers in the mouth.

Try this remedy and thank me later.

1. Take 5 to 7 fresh leaves of lime orange, squeeze together and apply in the region you have the pain.

2. Allow it to stay in that teeth region for about 5mins, then put 5ml of hot drink (ogogoro), allow it to stay for 5mins and finally rinse the mouth with the hot drink in your mouth.

3. Repeat for 2 days. All the worms in the teeth will die.

Tested and trusted. Don’t forget to share for others to benefit from it.

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