Don’t Panic When You Receive A Private Call, Just Dial This Code To see The Number

Receiving a private call has never been easier. It’s a nightmare to many who find it hard. More so, many people panic when a private number of calls. A private call is that call whose caller has hidden his or her identity. To make it worse, you as the receiver cannot call back. What makes many people to fear private calls is the fear of not knowing a caller who has hidden his or her identity.

You have no reason to fear or panic more because today I got a solution for you. I will be unveiling to you how to see the number and later on identify the person. Once you are able to see the number, you can use these two methods to identify the caller. One, you can send some money through mobile money transfer and his or her name will be revealed. The other way is to use revealing applications like True caller app to identify the caller.

Her is the code to use to reveal the private number calling. Whenever you receive a private call, all you have to do is to answer the call and then dial the code *#30# then immediately send. The code dialled will in no time make the private number show up on your screen. There may occur some delay but be patient the number will be displayed on your screen.

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