Don’t ever compare yourself with others

Don’t ever compare yourself with others

We all have various experiences in life and as such it’s always better you realise that you are unique and you have your own life to live, stop comparing yourself with others, our destinations are not the same..

The experience and life events we go through can never be same, that you were born the same time with someone, went to the same school ,graduated the same day and possibly worked in the same place does not make your destinies same.

Your age mate might have been married ten years ago, some have four kids and you don’t even have a relationship let alone settling down, yet some of your age mates might have died too.

Some have experienced major breakthroughs in life while you are still lagging behind, yet that does not make you less a person, we have seen people in the same class, started together and few weeks before graduation, many are suspended, others were not even bona-fide members of the school and some died, yet life happens.

Other stories like some were married and only realised that their wives were very promiscuous and hence they separated few months after the wedding, we have seen cases of some who come down from abroad to marry back home, only to take the marriage certificate to overseas and called their wife to cancel the marriage.

I know of a friend who has 4 kids with his wife and after the last child the wife left him with the children and absconded to Europe with her boyfriend after many years of marital relationship

We all know the story of popular Nigerian musician, Tuface after all his escapades, he was still able to settle down with a woman, yet he was backslashef for his promiscuity, our destinies truly are not the same.

Many got married at very young age and they never had kids untill ten years and above, while some got married at old age and had their children almost immediately, again don’t ever compare yourself with anyone in life.

What do we say of some women who lose their babies after nine months, other carried same babies for twelve months and still had their babies, the measures are not for us to count, life just happens

Many did all they can to travel overseas and they were deported with the most flimsy reasons while some had no one and some how they found their way through, life has no measures to compare with, just live your life.

Business is not left out, many have gone into failed business, many do same business and succeeded, many has built houses and it got burnt, bought cars and it got missing, others did same and they recorded amazing results, truly in life don’t ever compare yourself with others.

The realities of life that faces us all are quite different and we can’t live with other people’s yardstick, learn to live uniquely, dare to be yourself and hope for the best, in all you get yourself involved, DONT EVER COMPARE YOURSELF WITH ANY ONE IN LIFE

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