Don’t Add more Water If You Cook Salty Food, do these to remove the excess salt.

Salt is added to virtually every food that we consume,If not only for the taste it adds,Salt also helps to kill germs too. It is common for people to make mistake when adding salt to a very sweet meal so as to add more taste to the other seasoning. People end up regretting and wishing that they never added much salt and they begin to search for a means to reduce the salty nature of the food,If you are faced with such situation, take either of the two steps below:

1)Get a fresh uncooked Potato, peel off the outer skin, then slice it to smaller size and then put it in the salty food, cook it with the food for about 10 minutes, It will extract the excessive salt. Then you remove the potatoes and your food is good to be served.

2) The second step is to get a Charcoal, add it to the food and boil it together with the food for about 5 minutes. It won’t change or affect the colour of the food.

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