Do you want people to respect you? Then do these 7 important things

Do you want people to respect you? Then pay keen attention to these 7 important aspects of your personality.

Respect, a positive feeling or thought that is expressed towards somebody, place, or thing is one of the non-material aspects of humanity that many people crave for. The closest synonymous word to respect is ‘esteem’ – holding a subject in a high position whether or not they are present.

Unfortunately, many people pursue respect and that is why they often find themselves at loggerheads with others. They feel their younger ones do not respect them. They feel their neighbors and acquaintances do not regard them and so they seek ways to get this respect by all means.

But there are important aspects of human personality that when carefully developed earns the individual such massive respect that you begin to look for what people see in you that they are respecting.

This is why the phrase, “respect is reciprocal” sounds too good to be true. People’s regard for you will always be a response to how you regard yourself and them. So basically, it is you that determines the amount of respect you get from people.

While a general work on oneself is necessary to get maximum respect from families, friends, and strangers alike, the breakdown is that you have to work on:

1. Your approach:

First impression matters – they say. Do not take it lightly, how you approach people will always determine how they respond to you.

For instance, when you address a stranger rudely, there are high chances you would get a rude response and that strangers will mark you as a rude person and tell others the same thing about you.

But doing otherwise, approaching strangers with a warm smile and an open arm will get you more respect in return.

2 Your dressing:

Never forget, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Always appearing in shabby clothes, looking dirty and unkept will first kill your self-esteem and then invite more demoralizing behaviors from everyone around you.

Make out time to properly wash and iron your clothes. Wear good smelling perfumes, shave, and use deodorants. To polish your shoes, some black polish costs only N250 and an N100 brush. Looking good is not really expensive.

If you wear jewelry, avoid rusty ones, remove your earrings from time to time to wash your ears properly. These are the little things that matter.

3. Your circle of friends:

Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are is a common statement that may have come way too far to be used for adults again, but truth be told, your circle of friends determines a lot that concerns you.

When you are often seen around with bad eggs, you are definitely going to be called a bad egg. If your friends are top, respected people, you are most likely to share in their portion of respect.

Check your circle and know who is staining your reputation. Either you help them brush up or you drop them.

4. Your manner of reasoning

Every spoken word, every action, every movement is a product of one’s thought. Be careful what you think because certainly, it will someday affect your attitude.

If you constantly think negatively towards people, you are likely going to behave negatively towards them. If your reasoning is deceptive, you are bound to be a deceiver.

Think better towards others, read some pieces of writings that will enable you to learn more about humanity, this will help you in dealing with human diversities, and respecting everyone’s opinion.

5. Your financial capacity

Money does not buy respect, but it sure secures opportunities that earn one respect. Poverty and respect do not go together, that is a simple truth.

Poverty here is not for people who do not have money at the moment, but those who are walking around with a poverty-stricken mentality, they have given up on life and are aggressively looking for who to blame.

When you do not have money and manners, then forget respect, even ‘you’ will not respect yourself. This is why it is important to hustle with sense because some people still have money but no one respects them.

6. How you respect others in return:

Respect is reciprocal. When you see people and turn so you don’t say “hi” to them, they would definitely learn to ignore you at any given opportunity.

When you frown at children who flock around to play with you, they will in turn disrespect you. When you talk down at your siblings or junior colleagues or relatives and strangers because you are older than them, you are likely bound to get the highest insult of your life.

Reach out to people first, be free-spirited. Greeting a minor first doesn’t make you one, rather they feel you respect them and therefore feel indebted to respect you more.

Welcoming children or giving them reasons you can’t be with them, calling people by their proper names, and understanding that your advancement in age doesn’t mean much to your younger and junior ones will save you a lot of respect issues.

7. Finally, respect yourself

“Respect yourself” is a statement no one wants to get from a mean face. Respecting yourself is avoiding anything that will earn you disrespect.

How to respect yourself:

– Be polite to yourself

– Be graceful in your speech

– Be humble in your approach

– Keep your circle small

– Avoid cheap and side talks

– Obeying Instructions

– Avoid using street words and signs in official settings or among strangers.

– Most importantly, avoid being selfish.

These are little things we refuse to take note of but are struggling to climb to the top.

Do not be deceived, there is a part of you that will never feel fulfilled if people do not respect you. From a biblical reference, the fall of the first king of Israel – Saul was when he tore prophet Samuel’s cloth while demanding respect.

The prophet strongly rebuked him before the people he is ruling and on turning to leave, Saul held him back by his robe and demanded that he (Samuel) should at least respect him before his people. And that was how he tore his kingdom with his own hands.

However, do not be arrogant when people respect you. You should be humbled to have found favor before God and humanity.

Again, there’s a difference between being respected and being feared. Turning to a tyrant in a bid to get respect will only make people fear but not respect you.

Be humble and wise in your dealings with fellow men and you shall find favor in eternity.

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