Do you Even know why sugar builds up in your body

Eating food is a necessity, sometimes due to the schedules or other reasons, you can bend up eating as you go; this means eating just anything that comes by, just to gain the energy to run after activities

Of course, your body needs sugar to function but then not in high levels for a very long time – this is damaging to the body

We all know that diabetes is as a result of high levels of sugar in the body

So now, let’s talk about how the sugar level builds is first

The body needs sugar to run its activities, it also stores the energy to carry you through your daily activities

Have you seen a person who is tired and can’t carry through during normal activity, the person would have easily performed

The reason is that the person has a high sugar level

This can show as tiredness, or hunger or exhaustion, and more

Don’t get it twisted, “tiredness can also be a result of the high sugar level, even exhaustion

Wait a minute, you don’t need the level of sugar in your blood high or low

All you need to perform at your optimum is just your sugar level being within the normal range and level on a steady basis

Your sugar level does not need to be high or low for you to be healthy

You need it at the normal level for your age range and for the level of activities you perform on a daily basis

The sugar I am talking about is glucose

It comes in from the food you eat, that’s the kind of sugar the body can absorb

If you buy glucose D and drink it; well cool, but this would not serve your “body needs” let alone carry you through all the activities you perform as per what you do for a living

In fact, it will make you have a low energy level and may not even serve you for a day

Don’t go and buy glucose D and start giving your child or your baby it yourself, what needs to be eaten is not glucose D

If you do, you sure will not have a healthy baby, doing well in the right direction, at least you will be doing well giving the baby quality food

You yourself need quality food

When you bear food, your body breaks down the food into a simple form of sugar: glucose

This glucose is formed from the food you eat and is stores inside your body

I want you to take note that the glucose your body needs is gotten from the food you eat

It is stored in your body and carried to the cells of your body through the blood


At the glucose gets to the cell, the cell uses it to run its activities, thereby giving you the energy to run your day to day activities

The body most times or sometimes does not need artificial sugar or too much much sugar

See oh, the body needs sugar in the form that is relevant to it

If the form of sugar you are eating is not good for the body, it will just be there – piling up, causing problems for you without you knowing

You will be thinking it is something else not knowing it is the sugar you ate

You may not start noticing it until years later when you have started seeing the effects like lousiness, tiredness, exhaustion

Okay, let me ask; what do you think is the reason you will eat a good meal, feel energized and immediately after eating, or maybe some minutes, you start to feel week and lousy

Don’t you think there is something wrong somewhere in the body

See, your body, your lifestyle, your day to day activities is affected by what you eat

It any not show up now, it may show up later

Unless you take the necessary step by eating what is healthy for you while adopting a lifestyle that is healthy for you

Aside from carbohydrates, fat, and oil, you can get sugar from refined carbohydrate as in snacks like a doughnut, burns, cassava flakes, fish, fish – roll and the rest of them

Just about anything that contains starch, other artificial sugar, and carbohydrate that has passed through processes of being refined and preserved for you to buy

They are not bad as long as they were made using the right standard for it following healthy procedures so that they are healthy and good for consumption

Here is the thing, they can only serve for short period of time as energy boosters just for a short while

They are barely enough for short term goals as you also have to take them alongside the food you eat as in after food like snacks or in between meals

And guess what; “they will just pile up in the body being of no good use to the body as they are in the form your body cannot use”

Another interesting thing is that even when you have the natural sugar the body uses

Your body will only take what it requires based on how much energy you need to put our, your age and lifestyle and then leave the rest

Is that not intricate

What is more interesting is that the body will just pile them up if it is not using them not minding whether it is artificial sugar bit natural sugar

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