Do these things if you are shot or stabbed during this period to save lives.

As we all know, many things are going wrong in Nigeria. So we have to be very careful and vigilant so that we won’t loss any life.

Let’s say you saw someone being shot on the arms, the first to do is to take a clean cloth and tie were he was shot to stop the bleeding. (please : do not remove the cloth no matter what. If the cloth is soaked with blood, take another cloth and apply pressure on the previous cloth. The main reason you should not change the cloth is because it will cause the person shot to bleed more.)

The next to do it to write the time he or she was shot. And please bear in mind that time is off essence here. He/she loss blood every minute so you have to be very fast so that the person will stay alive. Also make sure you have placed or call and asked for ambulance already.

When rushing the person to the hospital, carry him/she in such a way that will limit blood flow in the area that was shot. Let’s say he/she was shot in the arm, you will have to raise that arm up so that blood flow will be limited in that area. (it goes the same with any other part of the body been shot).

For some one who was just stabbed, don’t think of removing the knife from your body. Let’s say you saw someone stabbed in the hand, make sure you live the knife there till you get to the hospital because if you remove it, he/she will bleed to death. Remember time is off special essence in both case. This is the summary of all what I said about the treatment of a gun shot.

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