Do These 8 Things on Monday to Start Your Week Off Right.

Do These 8 Things on Monday to Start Your Week Off Right.

Mondays are inevitable. The Monday blues? Turns out, they don’t have to be. As you gear up for the busy fall season, try these tips to start off your week in a healthier way:
1. Make a Monday to-do list—on Friday.
The end of the week may be cause to celebrate, but don’t make it official until you’ve written a to-do list for Monday. Everything you need to accomplish next week will be top of mind, so it makes sense to capture it at this time.
2 . Follow the one-hour rule.

No more trying to catch up on lost sleep on Sunday mornings. “Initially, it was thought that weekend recovery sleep was sufficient to pay back sleep debt,” says Annise Wilson, MD, assistant professor of neurology and sleep medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.
3. Rethink breakfast.
“Eating a satisfying and balanced breakfast will allow you to hear appropriate hunger and fullness signals throughout the day,” says nutrition therapist Elyse Resch, RDN, coauthor of Intuitive Eating and author of The Intuitive Eating Workbook for Teens.

4. Wear a feel-good outfit.

You know you feel better in clothes you like—and science backs that up. “You can use clothing to improve negative emotions,” says Dawnn Karen, founder of the Fashion Psychology Institute in New York City.


5. Seek natural light.

Perking up your morning might be as simple as getting a dose of natural light. Try opening the shades, eating breakfast outside, watering your vegetable garden, or taking a walk. “Light is like a cup of coffee. It has an acute alerting effect,”.

6. Create a morning ritual.

“Our brains love routine, and the less work your brain has to do, the happier it will be,” says Colleen D. Cira, PsyD, founder and executive director of the Cira Center for Behavioral Health in Chicago. “Routines are also a great way to conserve energy for more complicated parts of the day and may give you some alone time.”

7. Plan for fun.

An easy way to turn Mondays around is to make them the day you commit to fun plans for later in the week. Schedule a night out with friends, a farmers’ market meet-up, or even a binge-watch of your favorite show.

8. Do a random act of kindness.

Put positive energy into the world and you’ll get it back, research confirms: Performing acts of kindness for seven days boosted happiness and well-being, found a 2018 study in the Journal of Social Psychology. But doing even one kind thing can make you feel great


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