Do not eat noodles without doing these 2 things, to avoid health.

Do not eat noodles without doing these 2 things, to avoid health.

Noodles like many packaged foods contains certain chemicals used to prevent it from getting spoilt while in stock.

A pack of noodles can stay in your house for years without getting spoilt which is quite untypical for foods generally.

This is possible because, these chemicals such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) as well as tertiary-butyl hydroquino are added to the noodles in order to preserve them and enhance their taste, some of which are made from petroleum crude.

Hence it is important for you to watch how much noodles you consume daily, and also carry out necessary practices to ensure you are eating your noodles the healthy way.

What am saying is that, if you throw all noodles into your pot and cook them till they get done, add your seasoning and eat it, you’re actually consuming chemicals along with the noodles, which have great tendencies of causing health problems such as cancer, food poisoning etc.

Hence it is important that you do these two things:

1. Throw away the seasoning in the noodles pack:

Don’t use the seasoning that is added to the pack of the noodles, because those ones also contains chemicals that we have no way of removing. So throw them away.

2. Cook your noodles first without adding any seasoning or ingredients, then filter the cooked noodles to get rid of the water containing the chemicals, same way you do with your rice.

Then go ahead and continue preparing your noodles the way you prefer.

For me I prefer, using the sauce frying method, since I am throwing a way the seasoning.

Just fry your tomatoes, pepper, and other things, then add your cooked noodles and mix with the sauce, same way you do your spaghetti.

The is a better and more healthy way of eating your noodles.

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