Did you get the One UI 3.0 update on your Galaxy S10?

Just about a week ago, Samsung officially began rolling out the One UI 3.0 update to the Galaxy S10 series. As you might expect, this got S10 owners pretty excited.

One UI 3.0 is a feature-rich update, packing things like revamped notifications, new home screen customization options, new always-on display features, and more.

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Taking a look through the AC forums, a lot of our members are pretty ecstatic about the new software.


Just checking to see if anyone got the update. Nothing yet on my T-Mobile S10 version.



Nothing on my Unlocked S10+





It’s happening! Yay! I’m very excited! It may be a while before I get it, but at least we know it’s out there!


What about you? Did you get the One UI 3.0 update on your Galaxy S10?

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