Dark secrets about WWE wrestling exposed

Dark secrets about WWE wrestling exposed

Wrestling is a big time entertainment sport.It originated from amateur wrestling or real wrestling known as high school wrestling in western countries.In wrestling your goal is to wrestle or put your opponent to the ground while their back touches the mat,while in professional wrestling you pin while they are grounded.

Now WWE which is an abbreviation for the World wrestling entertainment is a wrestling promotion that has been the biggest right from the early 70s.It was known originally as Titan wrestling before it got bought by later bodies and later we got the WWF.It is owned by Vince McMahon passed from his father who was Vince McMahon snr.

In professional wrestling the wrestlers get paid for wrestling.They put their bodies on the line to entertain the fans or audience.

Okay you may look at the WWE as a normal sport but there are lot of secrets behind this sport and it’s pretty strange and the truth must be told.Now let’s look at the dark secrets behind WWE wrestling.

WWE wrestling is based on Kayfabe

Now if you actually thought John Cena is a hustle,loyal and respectful guy in reality.You are probably wrong,it is all based on a script which in other words it’s mere acting.Kayfabe is from the word fake, meaning acting.It is meant to hide the fake actions under real stories.Whatever wrestler you see in the WWE is a character like those in movies.

The moves aren’t real

The moves you see in wrestling,most of them aren’t real.They are planned moves and it is not as painful as you see.The punches are drawn back punches, everything is just planned.They do not feel pain but if you try it at home you’ll hurt yourself but the Wrestlers can’t because they went to wrestling school and were taught how to do the moves.

Props and Weapons are not real

The weapons and tables you see are not really made of what you think they’re made.The chair shots you see are drawn back chair shots.They are performed without force so it doesn’t do too much damage and the tables are not made of strong wood so it easily breaks.

Wrestlers blade themselves
This means that they use razor blades to cut themselves to bleed.The blood you see aren’t really from punches or chairs or from the post.The wrestlers cut themselves a bit on the fore head most times and once a bit of hit comes it spreads,that is the simple trick behind that.


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