Causes Of Gas Cylinder Explosion

If we are able to take care of these things listed here, we will always be safe from the fire of gas cylinder explosion.

Causes Of Gas Cylinder Explosion

Cooking with gas cylinder is one of the fastest ways to get food done. Gas cylinder as we all know, has advantage and disadvantages as well but it’s unfortunate that few people that makes use of the gas cylinder thinks about the disadvantages as well as the advantages.

This cooking material has destroyed both lives and properties since it was invented but that’s because the victims could not take notes of the dangers that this fantastic cooking material can cause.

Below are the list of the dangerous things that causes gas cylinder explosion.

1) Smoking near gas cylinder. The light on the mouth of cigarettes is as powerful as we have not imagined especially when it comes to an environment where there are highly inflammable materials.Smoking in your kitchen where you kept your cooking gas cylinder is the same as smoking at the front of petrol pump. It’s easily inflammable.

2) Using or spraying insecticide near the gas cylinder. Check the body of your insecticide or pick up anyone close to you, you will see where the manufacturer wrote it that, it’s highly inflammable. This simply means that it can easily catch up with fire.

Don’t be tempted to spray it against the cockroach on the wall while you are cooking. Don’t be tempted to spray it on the air against the mosquito while you are in the kitchen cooking. Your health and the health of everyone else in the building are really in danger.

3) Phone calls near the gas cylinder. No matter how urgent your call may be, no matter who is calling you, don’t answer call in your kitchen. Answer your calls at least 10 meters away from the gas cylinder. It will save you and save others too.

4) Keeping your mobile phone near the gas cylinder. Most people will be cooking and will not let their phone rest in one place. I’m not against you cooking and operating your phone but don’t be tempted to keep it near the cooking gas cylinder maybe because there is no other place you can keep it. The electromagnetics wave on the phone is not friendly with the gas cylinder. It can easily catch up with fire.

Don’t be tempted to use your phone torch light in the kitchen. If there is no light, make use of rechargeable light or ordinary torch light. Using your phone torch light is as dangerous as answering calls or keeping your phone near the gas cylinder.

5) Don’t keep kerosene gallon near the gas cylinder. We all know that kerosene itself is highly inflammable just like fuel and gas. Kerosene can easily be caught up with fire while the cooking gas is on. Don’t be tempted. Kerosene on itself own power don’t easily caught up with fire but when something like gas cylinder is close to it and it’s on, it will be disastrous.

6) Your Change over switch should not be in your kitchen for any reason. You will agree with me that most times when you change over your light to NEPA or to Generator, it will spark fire? That fire if close to gas cylinder can cause damage to lives and properties. It better to keep it in a place where it will have no business with the gas cylinder.

If we are able to take care of these things listed here, we will always be safe from the fire of gas cylinder explosion.

Written from experience.

What are your experience? It must not be you, maybe the one you have seen in your environment.

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