Boil Garlic in Milk Strain and Drink to Achieve the Following Results.

Milk and garlic combined to form a concoction sounds weird,but the fact is,it is an amazing health Remedy.This mixture has numerous health benefits,you should definitely try it.



500ml of Milk.

10 minced garlic cloves.

2-3 teaspoon of sugar.


Put water and milk in a pot.

Add garlic cloves

Put it on the stove and let the mixture to boil(2-3minutes) use medium heat.

Stir the mixture in the process.

Strain and add sugar.

Drink it warm.

Health benefits of this mixture.

Treatment of lung Tuberculosis.

This mixture is an excellent cure for Tuberculosis,the sulphur present in garlic is a great help in this case.

Use one gram of garlic

24ml of Milk

2 litre of water.

Boil them and consume when warm for three days.


If you are suffering from this infection.Use 3 garlic gloves everyday at night and you will be relieved from this problem.


This mixture is a solution to pneumonia.Take milk and garlic three times a day and treat this illnesses.


You can reduce high cholesterol in the body using tjis remedy.

Take milk and garlic bmix warm for 7 days and bad LDL cholesterol in body will reduce greatly.


This mix is an excellent treatment against jaundice and toxin removal too,The garlic activates good enzymes and the liver starts to work fine.Our liver needs sulfur in order to make the body detox and the garlic has sulfur.Tjis is very important for the contains Allicia and selenium that makes more bile so that fat of the liver are lessened .

Drink one glass daily for seven days.


If you are experiencing a cough.Add turmeric in this mixture and get a perfect remedy for coughs.Make garlic milk and Turmeric for this course.Garlic kills bacteria and if you and honey it will soothe your chronic cough.

Digestion disorder.

Garlic is an excellent antiseptic,which means it boost your immunity and improve your digestion.This mix is an excellent for cleaning your lymph system and toxic removal too,Garlic makes more digestion juice and help in cases of Diarrhea.

Sexual impotence.

The garlic milk mixture is great for problems related to impotence.Consider eating boiled garlic and improve both male and female fertility.

Prevents Constipation & Bloating

Constipation and bloating are very common problems and are caused by an imbalance cats dosha in an individual’s body. Vata is associated with cold and roughness, which is why foods with the opposite qualities can help to prevent vata imbalances. Garlic milk is classified as ushna (hot), which means that it has heating properties. Garlic milk is also smooth and heavy, helping particular vata which in turn helps to prevent and treat constipation and bloating.

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