Black pepper usage and its health benefits

Black pepper usage and its health benefits

Black pepper is scientifically known as (Piper nigrum). It is a well known flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, known as a peppercorn, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning in various food. Black pepper, also known as the king of spices, with load of health benefits and when this spice is added to food, it makes the food taste better and spicier when eaten. It was originally found in India, and it was first valued when it was traded from Asia to Europe.




There are some food you can add black pepper and they includes:


1. Adding black pepper to soups, sauces, steak and Bacon, fish and meat.


2. It can add it to some of the hamburgers and sausages.


3. Add some black pepper to strawberries and pineapple and taste it.


4. It can also be add to mashed potatoes




1. Prevention of Cancer:


In one of my article, I talked about the use of Turmeric, however, black pepper is said to prevent cancer when it is mixed with turmeric. This can be consumed by mixing turmeric and black pepper together to become a mixture drink. This is usually given to individuals suffering from severe cold. It is said to contains antioxidants, Vitamin A and carotenoids that help in curing and preventing cancer for example colon cancer.


2. It Aids Digestion:


Black pepper is known to be helpful in aiding digestion and when it is consumed raw, hydrochloric acid is released by the stomach and helps in breaking down the stomach proteins. The function of Hydrochloric acid in the stomach is to helps in cleaning the intestines and barricading the stomach from other gastrointestinal diseases and attacks.


3. Prevention of Constipation:


Having less than three stools a week, is a sign one is having constipation. However, this can be resolved by adding some black pepper to your food daily. Most at times when one is suffering from constipation, they may end up straining to pass stools or sometimes you may not feel empty even after passing stools.


Thus, black pepper curbs constipation, diarrhoea and other types of bacterial types of diseases when consumed daily.




4. Skin Problems Treatment:


It is said to prevent skin pigmentation (Vitiligo). With the use of black pepper, it protects your skin from any sort of skin pigmentation and helps maintain the original colour of your skin. It also prevent wrinkles alongside skin problems when you consume black pepper from a very young age. It also act on premature ageing and dark spots too.


Also, if you are suffering from acne, black pepper will help your skin flush away the intoxicants causing it and help to smoothen it. In this case, all you need to do, is to crush some black pepper, then apply it over your skin and you will notice the difference.


5. It Aids in Weight Loss:


According to research, it has been said that, it helps you lose weight and this can be added to green tea and consumed two or three times daily. Black pepper spice has a rich content of phytonutrients in it that helps in breaking down excessive fat. This also improves your bodies metabolism. So, a mixture of black pepper and green tea will aid weight loss.


7. Helps in Depression:


Raw black pepper can be given to a depressed person to chew and this will help to change the mood of the person. Chewing raw black pepper releases mood-inducing chemicals to the brain that keeps the mind calm and soothing all the time. However, this shouldn’t be done in excess as there will be consequences for such.


8. In Treating Respiratory Diseases:


By consuming black pepper, you can easily cure cold and cough respiratory problems. Simply do this, by adding a pinch of black pepper to some green tea and drink it. Alternatively, you can use a glass of milk and add both apinch of black pepper and turmeric to it and drink it hot. This has no side-effects.


In case of chest congestion, black pepper mixed with some honey can also help you prevent it.




9. It Helps in Reducing Joint Pain:


Black pepper is used in reducing joint pain such as arthritis, and spinal pains as well. It also helps in preventing gout.


10. Detoxification of the boy:


Black pepper is a very wonderful tools for detoxification. By consuming it in diets, the spice helps the body to sweat and urinate a lot, by this occurrence you are able to discharge all toxins from the body.


Advice: Excessive consumption can be harmful to you, so make sure you just add a pinch of it in your daily food.


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