Be shrewd and be cautious

Be shrewd and be cautious

Sadly, in this greedy world that we are all, there are those who seize on people’s illnesses as an opportunity to make money. Other individuals or companies stress the use of products that are high-priced in order to make large profits.

To a sick person who desperately seeks relief or a way to stay alive longer, these cures around us may seem appealing. But the shrewd one will be particularly cautious if the supposed word or recommendation comes from someone whose qualifications are questionable.

The shrewd one might reason and ask question like; he says that this vitamin, herb or diet supposedly helped someone but are there adequate witnesses to establish the matter?

Well, people differ! You might also ask yourself, is there valid reason to trust that it will help me or work for me? Should I do more research or even consult with some people who are known to be trained or qualified in this field?

No doubt, asking ourselves these questions might do us good and put us in a safe condition. Please it is better for us to go through the stress of finding out the source and seek the needed information than to be a victim to thee bad people out there. Thank you so much.


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