Be ready to make sacrifices

Be ready to make sacrifices.

Becoming rich isn’t an easy road especially when your parents are poor. Here are the things you must sacrifice to be rich.


1. Sacrifice the trending things

If you want to be rich you must be disciplined enough to avoid buying things that are trending but not helpful to you. Robert Kiyosaki said “rich people buy luxuries lasts and poor people buy luxuries first”.


2. Sacrifice your friendship with poor people.

poor people are people without goals and ambitions. If you hang out with people who nah about everything, you will also nah about everything. If you hang out with people who don’t have a destination you also will be a wanderer. Therefore, let go of your relationships with negative people and move with people who will challenge you to pursue your dreams.


3. Sacrifice your social media and TV.

Reduce the time you spend on screen. People who sell Lamborghini never advertise on TV because those who can afford it don’t sit watching TV. Therefore,Invest your time wisely.


4. Sacrifice some sleep.

Depending on your body, you may need to sleep late or wake up earlier so you can invest more time on things that will give you money.


5. Sacrifice the blame game.

Blaming people is a way of easing pain. Since you feel it is not your fault. Stop blaming people and start talking responsibility for your life because no one is going to make your dreams a reality if you don’t take necessary actions.


6. Sacrifice your fear of losing.

Failing doesn’t mean you can’t get the solution it only means you are getting more experienced in the business or anything your are trying. Why not give yourself a chance to be what you can than sit and accept failure.


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