Be Careful of Eating Foreign Rice, See How It Is Smuggled Into the Country

It is getting close to a year since the Federal government banned the importation of rice into the country, Nigeria.

Boarder Security, Custom Service, have been boosted to secure the country’s boarders from illegal immigration and importation into the country.

With foreign rice being a hot-cake in the country, most of the smugglers have now adopted unhealthy method of smuggling this rice into the country.

It is a cause for alarm to Nigerians to avoid consuming such food because of the dangerous health effect it can come with.

These photos of rice smugglers arrested will make you think twice before consuming these smuggled rice

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Photos Of Rice Smuggled Through Petrol Tanker

Rice Smugglers Caught Hiding Rice Inside Car Tyres

Smugglers Caught Importing Rice While Hiding It Inside A Car Bonnet

Smugglers Caught Importing Rice Inside A Gas Cylinder

This shows how heartless these smugglers can be. Consumption of this rice can cause cancer due to it’s exposure to radiation.

We should support our locally produced rice. It is safer and more reliable for consumption.

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