Avoid these 5 habits at all cost if you want to progress in life

Avoid these 5 habits at all cost if you want to progress in life

While bad habits are easy to come by,but difficult to leave.It is a delicates balancing act between what best habits to adopts toward life.




Having said this however,we can now take a look at the five habits you as an individual must avoid to be able to make progress in life.


And here are the list as promised below;


1.Not Accepting Change:-Change is constant,Change will be part of your life,so learn and master how to adapts to constant changes.




2.Staying in comfort zone:-Your comfort zone is your death zone,so learn and master the rules of digital economy out of your comfort zones.


In that,never stop pushing yourself.


3.Poor attitude to learning:-Never stop learning,because the moment you stop learning,you stop growing.And as you stop growing, you are a living dead.


This is even more evident in the sense that,if knowledge is power,then learning is super-power.




4.Negative and toxic relationship:-This bows down to always learn how to pick one friends and partner’s wisely.Your partner is a mirror and a reflection of who you becomes in future.


Always remember,eagles don’t fly with pigeons.




5.Avoiding Calculated Risk:-Taken calculated risk and leveraging on the best opportunities or circumstances out of it is all the best way to hit the ground running in life.The higher the severity of the risk,the higher the outcome of it’s return and success.So take a risk.




In all of these,it is advisable we develop and builds a good habits and deposition towards life which in turns benefits us real time.


Hope this is rewarding and encouraging to know?




Thanks and like i always advise,”life is s coin,enjoys and use it from both sides”.


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