Are You Still Eating ‘Suya’ At Night? This Is What It Does To Your Body

85 percent of your wellbeing is reliant upon the food you take. Anything you ingest into your body system will have effect on your health – positively or negatively.

Africa in general, and Nigeria in specific,is witnessing an alarming increase in the cases of diabetes, kidney diseases, liver cirrhosis, which are all linked to wrong choice of diet.

One of the most enjoyed foods in Nigeria is ‘Suya’ – a spicy meat skewer sold all over the country. It is also called ‘Tsire’ in the northern part.

Photo of ‘Suya’ Being Roasted

Photo of ‘Suya’ – spiced with Onions and Pepper for Illustration

Photo of ‘Suya’ Spiced With Tomato

Photo of Spiced ‘Suya’

The food which is mostly made from liver of ram, goat meat or cattle beef has its own health disadvantages to its consumers.

Some of which is caused by the normal custom of eating it late at night. We shall be looking at the negative health effect of eating this food at night and why you should reduce the habit:

1. It Causes Pile (hemorrhoids)

Frequent intake of meat at night slows digestion in your bowels. This causes constipation – difficulty in stooling which leads to developing Pile.  As a result of swollen in the tissue surrounding the a – n – u – s.

Photo Illustration of A Man In The Toilet

2. It Causes Headache

‘Suya’ – just like other meats – causes dehydration in the body system. Except if it is accompanied by eating a lot of carbohydrates.

This is why you sometimes wake up with headache after a night eating ‘Suya’

Photo of A Young Man Suffering From Headache

3. Heartburn

The high amount of spicy ingredients in ‘Suya’ can give rise to acid reflux commonly referred to as ‘heartburn’. It could be worse on individuals with underlying health conditions like: Ulcer and Pregnancy.

Anatomical Photo Showing Acid Reflux

These are some of the health effects of eating ‘Suya’ before going to bed. There is nothing wrong with eating it if you can engage in some physical exercising activities to aid digestion.

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