Appropriate time to eat fruits &quot before or after meals.

Appropriate time to eat fruits &quot before or after meals.

Most at times I see people eating fruits just after eating meal. I remember a colleague who would always keep his fruits until he eats something.

You know? People perish for lack of knowledge, I did not have the knowledge that I am about to share with you now, so I was doing same thing until I got the knowledge.

Fruits are not to be eaten immediately after eating heavy foods.
Maybe you have been doing it. My joy is that, you are reading this. You will understand what that practice does to your body. Ensure you read carefully to the end and share to help others.

What You Should Know About Fruits
Fruits are ripened ovary of flowering plants, enclosing the seeds. We have cucumber, banana, Tomatoes, watermelon, Orange, Mangoes and many others.

When fruits are consumed, they do not digest in the stomach. Fruits digest in the small intestine. So, when you eat foods that digests in the stomach, it is not healthy to eat fruits on it immediately. This is because, the fruits would not have space to pass to the small intestine where it should get digested. The heavy food in the stomach holds the fruit in the stomach until fermentation occurs in the stomach. Making the consumed fruit digest where it should not have digested.

This results to Ulcer and Other severe health challenges. That combination could be the reason for numerous health challenges today. Fermentation in the stomach produces high acidity and it is not healthy. Please avoid this combination.

The right time to eat fruits
Fruits should be eaten on empty stomach or few hours after meal to avoid the unhealthy combination.

When fruit is eaten on empty stomach, they have free chance to pass to the intestine for easy digestion. And your body absorbs it completely making you healthy.


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