Amazing Ways To Increase The Network Signal Of Your Phone.

Amazing Ways To Increase The Network Signal Of Your Phone.

Have you ever been to a place where there’s no networkand the only way to get networks is to clamp a higher ground?Especially in some interior villages where there is no network Mass antenna.

In today’s article, I’m going to show you how to draw more network signals to your phone with ordinary stainless plates, as a phone technician I have been doing this whenever I traveled to a place where there’s no network.

1 a stainless plates

2 your mobile phone

The network antenna of every phone is at the back of the phone. but it is cover with the phone casing so that is will not be peal accidentally.

After getting the requirements to place the back of your phone on top of the stainless plates and watch how your phone network signals will increase, just hold the plate together and do whatever you wanted to do online. Cause placing the stainless plate will help expand the network antenna size and it will draw more signals. Even Wi-Fi signals.

you can now browse and make calls with your phone.

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