All those Planning To Do their National ID Card Should Pay Attention To this

All those who are planning to do their National ID card should please pay attention to this Warning Strike. Nigerians were taken by surprise when the federal government placed an order that all SIM cards should be linked to a national identity number due to the rampant criminal activities. A time limit was also set, that any SIM card that has not to be linked to a NIN would be blocked afterward.

However, according to reports, the Federal Government directive to telecom operators to link their subscribers with National Identity Numbers (NINs) may suffer a setback because of the warning strike. The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC)’s staff below grade level 12 have begun a 2-day warning strike Thursday.

Meanwhile, this strike began due to the fact that the NIMC staff have been exposed to covid-19 and they are demanding safety measures. Well, considering their exposure to a huge number of applicants, the staffs are at risk of contracting the virus. Also, the chairman of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN) NIMC unit, Asekokhai Lucky Michael, and the unit’s secretary, Odia Victor, is also demanding a new salary structure. So all members in their special centers and local government offices are now advised to stay away as a task force would be on the ground to ensure compliance.

So my advice for those who still want to do their national ID card, is that they should wait until the strike is over.


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