AIDS is Real! Check out 6 Early Signs of HIV/AIDS You Should Know.

Many persons have in time past debunked the existence of the HIV/AIDS virus, they tend to claim that the virus is just merely overrated, and as such doesn’t constitute the damages many persons have tagged it.

Well, it might interest you to know that the virus is very much real just as the food you eat, and in this article I shall be educating you on the possible signs and symptoms of this virus. 

Before I go straight into the signs and symptoms of the early stages of the virus, it might interest you to know that the virus is real, and it has been recorded to cause the death of so many persons in time past and even in this modern times.


The early signs of the HIV/AIDS virus. 

An infected person will experience many of these signs and symptoms


1. Drastic Weight Loss


A person who is infected with the virus will in the later part of their life experience a severe diminishing in size and weight. According to medical reports and study, it is revealed that a person whose HIV virus has stayed for long in his/her body will experience a drastic emaciation which is a direct impact of the virus.

2. Frequent sweating or perspiration


A person who has had the virus in his/her bloodstream for a long period of time will likely experience an unexplainable body heat even when in a cool atmospheric temperature which will directly lead to excessive sweating.


3. Frequent Headaches and general restlessness 


Having an headache is quite normal, but having the one that last over a month even after medication is definitely a huge sign of the virus. The headache caused by the virus is so intense that it tend to defy all medical curative measures.


4. Muscular pains and joints pains


A person with the virus is most likely to experience unexplainable severe pains in their muscles and joints even without them engaging in any tedious work.


5. Severe skin irritation and unhealing boils in the skin


Although having a skin irritation or boil can be caused by other agents aside HIV, but having a severe skin irritation and boils that seems to lasts for several months despite intensive medical attention could be a pointer to the virus. Medical study has proven that having a severe skin irritation and unhealing boils on the skin is one of the signs of HIV.


6. Undue fatigue, general body weakness and loss of appetite. 

This is one of the major symptoms of the virus, a person who is infected will tend to experience all of these aforementioned ailments and even more. Thus, whenever you experience any of these signs, hurry up to a professional doctor to seek a proper blood test and medical advice.


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