8 Reasons You Will Regret Losing A Great Woman

Sometimes, when you are with a great woman, you don’t realize just how great she is until you lose her. We are all guilty of doing that a lot in our lives. Whenever we get used to being treated so well by the people we love, we end up taking them for granted.

And whenever we take great people for granted, they end up leaving us because of how poorly we treat them. That is why you always have to be appreciative of a great woman while she’s still there. Because if she leaves you, you are definitely going to regret it. And if you doubt why you would regret a woman like her, then here are a few reasons to prove you otherwise.

1. She loved you more than anyone else ever could.

As you make your way through this life, you’re just going to have to deal with the fact that no girl is ever going to love you the same way that this girl loved you. You’re just going to have to be content with the fact that you are never going to be loved in the manner and degree that she loved you back when you were together. That doesn’t mean that you are unlovable. It’s just that you’re never going to get a chance to experience the same kind of love ever again.

2. She loved you without wanting anything in return.

You are going to miss how this girl loved you unconditionally. She loved you so much to the point that it was unconditional. She loved you wholeheartedly. And she never asked you for anything in return. She never made you feel like you had to love her in the same way. She never made you feel like you had to reciprocate that love towards her. She was hoping for it. But she never made you feel like you had to repay the love that she was so willing to give you.

3. She always made you feel like you could talk about anything with her.

She always made sure that you felt safe in expressing yourself. She always made sure that you felt like you could say whatever you want and she would never judge you for it. She never made you feel like she would hold anything you say against you. She always made sure that you felt safe to say whatever you wanted. She was an open receptacle for anything that you wanted to get off your chest.

4. She had a real connection with you that you can’t find with anyone else.

Having a real connection with a person is nothing like anything else in this world. And the sad part is that since it feels so natural and organic, you can take it for granted a lot. That is exactly what you did with her. The two of you had a real connection and you’re probably never going to find another girl who is going to connect with you in the same manner.

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