7 Common Habits You Must Stop If You Want To Be Healthy And Strong

7 Common Habits You Must Stop If You Want To Be Healthy And Strong

As we all know, health is said to be wealth. We must always appreciate God for always giving us good health to enjoy our lives here on earth. However, for us to enjoy this health God has given us, we also have to play our own role as humans. This is because they say who God is helping should also help him/herself.


It is appalling that most time we want to have good health, but keep on engaging in some attitudes dangerous to our health. Some of these attitudes have been recorded to have sent many to early grave. Please don’t joke with this article if you really love your life and want to live it in full. So, below are the common attitudes we must avoid to stay healthy:


1) Avoid intake of raw eggs





Many common people go on taking eggs raw believing that they will get all the nutrients by taking them that way. But the question is, is it perfectly safe for the body? The answer is no.


Raw eggs and indeed many other things we take raw are not good for the body. We are therefore advised to at least boil things we eat a little like vegetables, meats, e.t.c, so that they will not constitute harm to the body.


Back to our business. Do you know that raw eggs contain substance not good for your health?


This is very serious! Yes, very serious. Raw eggs have been implicated to contain a substance called avidin also known as antibiotin. Avidin is a glycoprotein which while taken from raw eggs prevents transport of carbondioxide in the body. The substance when it binds to receptor inhibit biotin which helps in transport of carbon dioxide in the body. Accumulation of carbondioxide will therefore decrease oxygen content in the body leading to hypoxia. Because blood, especially red blood cell needs oxygen to survive, this will decrease blood contents and lead to shock. Increase level of carbon dioxide also causes metabolic acidosis causing confusion and coma. Let’s leave it here for now. By now I believe you will count your teeth with your tongue any time you are tempted to take raw eggs.


2) Stop taking your neighbour’s drugs you don’t understand



This has put many into quagmire. Many people especially in rural areas are fond of taking their neighbour’s drugs they don’t know anything about. This include both orthodox drugs and herbal drugs. This habit has sent some people to death, because they consume drugs not good for their system. This occurs mostly in pregnant women. So, if you are pregnant, take extra care of yourself. Don’t allow ignorance to claim your life. It has also caused many other problems like infections, infertility, depression and lot more. Most unpurified herbal drugs when you keep on taking them for a long time can affect your sperm count if you are a male and infections in females. This is one of the causes of infertility. So, I know by now you will stop uprooting all the plant roots both unharmful and harmful ones for the fact that your neighbour said is medicine.


Please, think twice before you act. And never take any drug in a dark room. Make sure the drug is the right drug for your condition so that you will enjoy your life to the fullest.


3) Minimize or stop intake of red meats



It has been observed that white meats are generally good for our health, especially for aged. But red meat has been verified to increase incidence of gout arthritis. This is because it increases amount of nucleic acids that cause arthritis of joints in the body. One meat seller may ask, “what of us that sell red meats?” Yes your question is welcomed. And that is why I put the option minimize. But we should know that white meats are better for us to enjoy our good health especially for the aged ones.


4) Stop excessive intake of alcohol



In fact, about 20% of cases recorded in different hospitals everyday have been traced to be alcohol related problems. Excessive intake of alcohol causes many fatal problems in our lives. But it is unfortunate that many people are living I don’t care life towards alcohol, and thus reducing their life span here on earth. For many people, their over dependence in alcohol has been said to be spiritual . But whether spiritual or not I believe if one determines to do or stop something and consults the one’s creator, the person will see good results. So, give it a try. Excessive alcohol is bad because it targets almost all the vital organs necessary for life, like liver, kidney, heart, lung, e.t.c. So, my question is, why do you want to die now? Why do you want to commit suicide? God will judge you for that.


The funny thing is that many people die of alcohol every day. But when they die nobody remembers is alcohol that killed them. This is because what you will be hearing from doctors is kidney failure, heart failure, digestive system failure. Because if the doctor says is alcohol that killed the people, some people may ask, “where is the alcohol now?”


To ensure that you are not alcohol dependent, let me reveal small to you have doctors calculate to determine if someone takes alcohol excessively. Doctors calculate units of alcohol because WHO has mapped out the unit of alcohol good for the body.


The unit of alcohol regarded to be good for body is 12units per week. But most people in Africa use 10unit per week.


To make it simple, if you want to know how to calculate the unit of alcohol, this is how to calculate it. Many bottles of drinks are labelled in ml or cm. The bottles are also labelled the percentage of alcohol contained in the drinks. Check every bottle of alcohol you want to drink. So if you are fond of depending on these kind of alcohol drinks that have no cover and label, you are entering express road.


Therefore, they calculate units of alcohol by multiplying the volume of drink in ml with percentage of alcohol in the drink all divided by one thousand. You if you do it and get more than 12units per week, you are entering express road.


Those having underline health issues likes hypertension, diabetes, and more are advised to have total abstinence to alcohol. Hope it is helpful to you?


5) Stop taking high salt meals and drinks



We are encouraged to take low salt foods and drinks to stay healthy. High salt intake is implicated to increase incidence of heart and vascular diseases like hypertension and more.


6) Stop smoking cigarretes and other drugs



Those that depend on smoking will never want to hear this. But I will not talk more on this since the label on packets of ciggerate has said it all, that smokers are liable to die young. So if you don’t care to know, you are on your own. But just know that it damages very important organ in your body ( your lungs ). If your lung is no more breathing in air, I cannot say exactly what has happened to you.


7) Stop thinking negatively



Negative thought is dangerous to our health. It kills more than any other thing. That is why many people today have psychological related problems. So, always find one reason to be happy everyday. It will make your life more refreshed. If not for anything, just be happy that you are alive.


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